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    My new X-Factor II deck is on and I should be picking it up this morning. I will be posting more pics and may try to get some cutting in today!! Its raining hard now, should be a good test but its been off and on for a few days and the ground is getting soft.

    I also want to check the deck pitch and height. I told the dealer how I want it set up but you know how that goes.
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    It'd be better if you start a new thread for the XF II deck pics. I'm really looking forwards to seeing the pics. Now the quest for the perfect blade begins.............:laugh:
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    Finally brought my 452 home yesterday!! I normally don't mow on Saturdays and it was raining but I had to try it. These obviously are my first impressions(in wet conditions) and may or may not change. Please don't take these as my final opinion.


    Noticeable deeper sound when engaging blades, I'm guessing from the larger discharge opening. My XF1 had a higher pitched hum.

    Beautiful fan shaped clipping discharge. This is a huge improvement as I always thought my XF1's discharge was a bit concentrated. Clippings are thrown two rows over.

    Clipping size is a bit larger which tells me they are being processed faster. A move more towards the Velocity deck. I always said the XF1 was the perfect in-between of the Scag and Exmark decks. So far the XF2 outperforms the XF1 in wet conditions! We will see on dry...

    Same XF1 tabletop smooth finish! It hides the clippings very well(maybe even better). I'm glad this has not changed and cant wait to mow some nice dry lawns.

    Stripes seem great but lawns here are still thin and greening up. I do not have a stripe kit on the XF2 at this time.

    Id did notice some grass build up over the adjustable baffle's. But this may change as the grass I cut was very wet and weedy.

    No clumping or stragglers when taking off up to 6" or so and no double cutting!! I normally do not mow grass this tall but I wasn't being picky on a Saturday and I wanted to test this thing. I did get a chance to cut 12"-20" grass/weeds/clover with very minimal clumping and stragglers, I was very impressed and the XF1 would of had a hard time.

    Overall Im very impressed and cant wait to cut in normal conditions. We just started cutting here in NH so its really hard to compare at this time. I will be updating the review as I go through the season.

    I have not played with the adjustable skirts yet and hope to fine tune for changing conditions. I did notice some uncut dandelions which I don't remember ever seeing with my XF1, but we will see as the season goes on.

    Here are some wet cutting pics of the 12"-20" former horse farm I mowed, some clumps and stragglers with one pass but very impressive. Enjoy...








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    Thanks for the review! ive been waiting for the comparison glad to see it seems like we are having the exact same results. my new deck is performing awesome for the conditions. I loved the way my deck performed on really tall thick grass, it processed and cut the grass so well i couldnt even tell powerwise i was in tall thick grass.

    let us know how things change by playing with the adjustable baffles, ive never had them on the mower and not really sure what i should do with them. they are how they were when i picked up the mower right now
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    Great pics/review. Looks like it's working very well!
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    My 2005 260z cuts just like it .
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    I'm excited to pick up a 460 demo first thing tomorrow morning. After purchasing 2 Pro Stance I have been so impressed that when it came the time to look at getting a rider I knew Gravely would be my first choice. I am really looking forward to seeing how it cuts the next 3 days.
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    Nice! Let us know what you think.
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