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    Sounds like it works out well for you! & if your helper Is doing all the edges and blowing then your saving all your energy for the weekend :)
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    If its workling why fix it
  3. mag360

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    Purchase. Came in this morning and mechanics were commenting that it's on the 472 frame. Has the dial height selector too. Big 72 inch deck is wedged in nice and tight between the drive tires and castor wheels and the power is just right.

    Plowed through some pretty thick stuff with an acceptable cut and good dispersion. Closest dispersion comparison in my opinion is hustler's vx4 deck. Actually the cut is pretty similar too at the stock baffle setting. It did puke out some clumps while mowing in the rain because of the low discharge pressure. Stock setup falls short of the xf1, 7iron, and velocity deck in the rain but the cut quality is very good - similar to the stock setting velocity cut.
    I'll yank the baffles out for tomorrow and see how it does. Lots of rain in the forecast here over the next few weeks so wet performance will be the first to get dialed in.

    I snapped a few pics with the iPhone but having trouble uploading...
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  4. Ridin' Green

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    Sounding great so far. It's interesting about the frame. My Gravely catalog doesn't show a deck for the Pro Turn 200 series larger than 66", so maybe that's the reason for the 400 frame?

    So, in your opinion the FX850 is plenty with that deck size? I know before the rating change everyone thought it was a beast. Now, some feel it's border line even though it's still the same exact power:confused: I know mine has more than enough power for my 60" deck even while mulching thick grass or heavy leaves.

    I'm really looking forwards to your remarks and thoughts about it after you get a bit more experience with it.

    It's raining here like crazy the last few days- on and off, but mostly on, and some severe rain falls yesterday and today. More coming, so you'll be getting it shortly after us I guess.
  5. GMLC

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    Post some pics when you get a chance! I got to see this frame!! Yup when I mow in the rain I take the baffles out. But mine doesnt lack discharge pressure? Just collects on top of the baffles and makes a mess when shutting down. I would imagine the discharge opening is huge on the 72".
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  6. TLS

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    This is where different size decks of the same type can perform totally different.

    For instance:

    My 60" XR-7 cut like poo! From the first month on it got worse and worse.

    While my buddies 66" XR-7 cut fine and never complained about QOC. He even waited a full year before he got his free flow triangle fix kit.

    So bottom line...If someone is very happy with a 52", it doesn't automatically make a 72" an automatic winner.
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  7. GMLC

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    I agree 100%. Honestly I never gave it much thought until this year and talking with you guys. Same decks, different sizes, different results....
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  8. Ridin' Green

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    That's a good point.

    I've read numerous times on here how the 48" 7 Irons cut quite well, but not as good as the 54", and much less so than the 60" versions. There's just to many variables between deck sizes just based on their size alone, all else being the exact same.

    Whenever I look at the underside of an XR-7 deck, I'm always surprised that they don't all cut great, just going by their design/looks, yet I've read or heard so many horror stories about it.
  9. mag360

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    Got em,

    Snapped a pic of the buildup with the baffles in the top setting before removing them this morning. Did much better without them in the wet stuff and still left a finished cut as clean as the xf1. The air velocity at discharge is much lower on the 72xf2 compared to the 60xf1 but dispersion is better and the clippings aren't as obvious.

    I pushed it a little in some heavy stuff now that the engine has a few hours on it and the power was there - I feel like we have the best engine option for a 72 gravely right now depending what the diesel weighs. The 1000 series kawi's are too thirsty for today's fuel prices...


    photo (1).jpg

    photo (2).jpg

    photo (3).jpg

    photo (4).jpg

    photo (5).jpg
  10. GMLC

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    That sure is a 400 frame!!! Thats freakin awesome!!! Congrats and enjoy.
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