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    How's the ground, soft enough for rutting? We've had 12.5" of rain past month, which for us is wettest in 6yrs. Can't use the ride on for another week to avoid rutting the lawns too badly!
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    Is it easy to adjust the belt tension? Is it like any other spring where when it is too right you know and just right etc?
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    Very easy! Just turn a bolt, one way tightens spring, other loosens. Then you just measure the spring and make sure its between 12.25" and 12.5".
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    Wow, too easy. Thanks gmlc!

    As for puppy- thy would be awesome to see your SZ with the monster 72" cutting. I understand the rain situation being about 2.5hrs NE of you. We will see soon enough.
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    Great job on the comparison between the Pro-Turn 200 and 400 series.

    In order to accommodate the 72" deck, the Pro-Turn 272 has the same frame as the Pro-Turn 400 series, so mag360 was correct with his earlier comment.

    The Pro-Turn 400 series has the air-ride seats, and at this time Gravely does not offer a kit to accommodate this seat on the Pro-Turn 200 series.

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    If you get a chance repeat this in heavier growth enabling us to see a more defined pattern. It looked as if the heaviest part of the pattern was shooting directly out the front of the deck opening, this is exactly the way my XR-7 deck discharges, whereas my 72" VX4 appears to fan more evenly across the entire discharge opening.

    Are the hydros pulling a great deal of power as it sounds in the video, everything looks and sounds different in video form? One more question, are the hydros extremely loud with a high-pitched whine, or as I said, is it possible the video may be amplifying the sound, causing the whine to sound more pronounced?

    Look at this picture while comparing the disbursement patterns.

  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    You are right much of the discharge comes out the front of the opening. With the baffles all the way up it is spread out across the opening a little more than with the baffles part way down like I have it set right now. I would think for your turf type you probably wont need a whole lot of vacuum to stand the grass up so the baffles all the way up would probably work best on your turf.

    The hydros are pulling some power. The last 31hp kawi big block powered 460 never changed rpm for any reason but it also drank fuel like it was going out of style. If you think that sounds like it is drawing a ton of power you should demo a 60" JD zero turn! They have the most power hungry hydros I have ever seen. I had two week long demos and they would slow down and not recover if you were going up any incline at all. I think it was a 925 and a 720 I demoed.

    The hydros on this machine seems to be louder than my previous 460 for some reason. They may still be breaking in because they seem a little quieter now than they did when I first got the mower. It only has like 34 hours on it so far.

    Call me crazy but the rpms don't seem to be high enough. I really need to find a way to check the rpms on this mower. I know if it is actually set a little too low that will have a big effect on the power output. It could just be this kohler is much quieter and smoother than the kawi was im not really sure.
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    I thought mine were loud, but my JD hydro's are no where near as loud as that 460 is, and my engine will only drop RPM's if I surge the sticks, which I wouldn't do with any brand of Z no matter who made it. It isn't necessary, and that kind of treatment can only do bad stuff to the hydro's over time (not that you were doing it there, just sayin'). On flat ground like you were cutting there, mine never change sound no matter the grass conditions.
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    There seems to be somewhat of a difference in opinion of the hydros on JD mowers.

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