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    The "old" 37 is now the 35 (FX1000 non DFI) that you and puppy have. It is in fact the same engine block as the "new" 31 (FX921) (999cc). The FX1000 DFI is still rated at 37 HP.


    The "new" 31 (FX921) was the "old" 34. The "old" 31 is the "new" 27 (FX850).

    All these engines (including the Kohlers that have started making the ratings switch) are the same exact HP they have always been. Now however, they are more accurately rated to within a couple percentage points of their true HP, where before they only had to come within 15% (provide at least 85%) of labeled rating.
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    Thanks for clearing that up. I knew about the 37 to 35, 34 to 31 etc but I kinda freak when I read the 31 is so strong (since I had the old 31 on the old SZ), but then I realise its pretty much the the same as the old 37 which makes sense unlike these old/new/37/35/34/31/31/27 etc post! ha:dizzy:
    Just have to think of the new ratings when reading these new posts about new, not old machines! :laugh:
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    I know what you mean mate. It gets really confusing, and what's worse is that companies like Hustler still use the old rating for their SZ's with 31 hp engines (FX850), and Toro does the same thing with their Kohler engine ratings because that's how Kohler still labels them, so Hustler & Toro (to name two off the top of my head) arent really at risk of getting into another lawsuit for selling a machine with less HP than it's labeled at, even though they know it's true.
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    I bring up the new ratings every once in a while with mechanics, dealers etc here and they rarely even admit or know anything about it. If I went to buy my SZ right now, they'd say it has a 37hp on it, cos thats what it says on the label. Once new machines start coming through with new labels they still wont admit the mislabelling of older machines.
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    I can never really distinguish if they're dumb or lying.

    I so often get false information from dealers/mechanics! Enough to make ya scream!

    The mechanic was trying to tell me the 36hp was a true 36 on the Ferris, he pointed to the J1940 & said this was the new ratings. Far as I knew it was the old, therefor the engine is more like a 32-31hp
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    Kawi was first to start rating true HP, and Kohler is slowly and begrudgingly doing it now, but you still have to read the fine print at the bottom of their spec pages to see it. They still slap on the old rating system labels to their engines though, which is bull spit.

    B&S hasn't even begun to start rating any of their engine lines with the newer J1995 rating system yet that I am aware of. I am not sure what the 32 or 36 Vanguards are really turning out for true power, but they have a good rep for turning out more actual power than their competitors engines in the same classes do.

    Mechanics and dealers/sales people will say whatever they need to to sell something or to keep from having to learn something new.:rolleyes:
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    You would notice very little difference (if any) power-wise between our 35's and the now correctly rated 31, but then again they are both 999cc engines. I also believe from what I experienced with the 31, it will burn as much fuel as our 35, or very close.
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    Great news!! You wont find another machine with the combination of comfort, cut, and build quality IMO. Not to mention Gravely's customer service!! I would be happy to help you fine tune the deck as I have tried every possible baffle position. Mine is dialed in perfect for my conditions right now. Table top smooth finish and killer stripes. PSC has a 460 and would also be a great resource if you have questions. My next machine will be EFI for sure.
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    I think that Generac was using the j1995 rating on their engines back in 2007 when I bought my Lastec with the 32 Generac. I believe it is listed on their engine specs next to their HP and Torque charts, if you can still find them on the Web.
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    I've heard that before, but have never been able to find verification of it. Since relatively few commercial cutters overall have one, or will ever have one because they are not used in anywhere near the number of applications that the other "big three" are, I didn't even consider them. Thanks for adding that info.

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