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    Shoulda got a Tiny-Tach!

    Just sayin.

    Direct from factory in 2 days.
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    Maybe, but why. Mine works great so far, and was about half the price of the Tiny Tach. It also has several other functions, but I only wanted it for the tach.
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    It really makes no difference, all those small tachs have modes for different pulse readings. When you see it running 1600 to 1800 rpms the tach is set in the wrong mode. I use a handheld automotive analyzer which has several modes, when I first checked my efi it was only reading half the rpms, so I changed the mode and it read correctly.
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    Sorry I haven't updated in a while. The XF2 continues to amaze me and my clients. Here is one from today.

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    Well guys it finally arrived, my "Mack daddy" 2013 472 with chrome rims, trailer hitch and soon to be stereo. I am trying to up load pictures and will post them once I figure it out. As I am sure everyone on here knows the 31 hp kawasaki is awesome, I was apprehensive if it was enought power with the 72 inch deck on it but wow! it doesn't even know there is a deck. I can tell you this thing is built tough, on my maiden mowing I unfortunately hit a brick that was laying in the grass, with my excitement on picking it up I decided to mow at dusk and forgot I left the brick I use under the trailer tounge laying out in the open rather than putting it up like I always do, go figure. With that being said the deck never even knew it hit something. I was told these things are built to withstand a lot of punishment and this proved it to me. Although this unit will never see commercial use it will give me and probably my children and grand children many years of use. I will post pictures soon. My dealer liked the chrome wheel covers so much they are using the pic of mine in advertisements and putting them as an accessory on their wall. 30 years of being in service and mine was the first with chrome wheels, the local companies that saw it loved the look.

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    Congrats!! Cant wait for pics. Keep us up to date.
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    Can I ask, is it true the the new Gravely Z's with the XfactorII deck have a large discharge opening now?

    Also, can I ask, what do you feel is a fair price to pay for a new 260 with the Kaw option, and a new 152 with the Kaw option?
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    Yes the XF 2 has a larger discharge opening. It also has adjustable front baffles which you will want to set just below the blade tips for the best all around cutting performance.
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    dude I think you just do professional reviews now, get paid kick back by distributors and you secretly sold your actual lawn business several seasons ago!:laugh:

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