Gravelyzero turn rider 48inch Anybody have one?


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Been looking at the possibility of a zero turn rider. Exmark and Scag are at least 8grand. anybody ever used a Gravely rider they seem to be built well, and for the price, advertised on their website as under 7grand. That seem like a great price. Any comments would be great, thanks, mark


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Atlanta, GA
There have been some new Gravely ZTR's for sale on Ebay recently. Not a commercial one on sale now, but do an advanced search there for completed items and you can see what they were going for online. Here are some I saw

23hp kawi 60" - no takers at $5999. msrp was $6999. .40/mi for delivery. Sounds pretty darn good to me. I paid $7200 w/ tax for a 48"/21hp Exmark.

19hp kawi/44" - sold for $4999

Assuming they're decent mowers these sound like great values for the features they have. No sales tax if you're out of their state, and if you're fairly close delivery isn't that bad. A couple of hours of setup time/uncrating seems worth it.


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Was looking at the Gravely commercial zero turn rider, 21 horsepower 48inch deck. too many hills in steamboat spring, co for a larger deck. anybody ever owned or used one?


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I've had a 50" 250z for 2 years now, and it's very reliable. I put a Peco bagger on it last year and the cut quality became superb. Only problem is, the rear tires are a bit narrow, so they tend to track more heavily. The 260z has wider tires. Good machines!


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The new Gravely mower decks are 5 1/2 inches deep, and they cut beautifully !

They have some nice features too. The hydraulic lift on the deck is nice, but the jack leg that you can stick onto the cylinder and make the mower hydraulically jack itself up so it's so easy to service under the mower is terrific !

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