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LawnSite Silver Member
This time of year I get alot of calls from people requesting a one time cut.<p>These can be people that are having a wedding...TOMORROW(!), in the back yard and the crapsman just threw a rod. Or it could be for any old reason.<p>It's a hassle trying to work for these people but after all, this is the service industry. I always appreciate it if my mechanic can squeeze my car in under emergency circumstances.<p>In any event, the common theme is that I have been recommended by someone that they know.<p>I always try to fit these cuts in because they might lead to a nice new long term customer, however, it usually doesn't.<p>Sometimes it does lead to free word of mouth advertising. Which is of course, the best kind.<p>GEO


LawnSite Senior Member
SW Missouri
I'll take these if they are on my route or close. I charge higher for one time service. Then you can make them a &quot;deal&quot; if they sign up for regular service.


LawnSite Senior Member
I get at least 5-10 calls a week for this, I turn them down flat unless they are right next door to somone we already cut.


LawnSite Silver Member
Ontario, Canada
I do a few of these types of jobs using my Walker with grass collection system. It is always referrals or people who have seen us do a place and remember our name and call. Sure is handy having the grass collector when the grass is a foot tall. The lawn looks perfect when we leave, usually the wife calls us after the husband has tried to cut a big lawn using his pushmower. We use this type of work for filler jobs or Sunday mowing. The reason we try to do them on Sundays is because all the neighbours see the lawn when we start then they see it when we are finished, this leads to the next batch of refferals. The most we get out of this work is 2 or 3 cuts at the same place but it is good advertisement so we price it fairly reasonable considering the work involved.