Grayish Webs In New Seeded Area?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by WETSCAPE, Jul 6, 2008.


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    I had an area that I needed to have some Clean fill brought in. I followed it up with clean topsoil,set the seed and rolled. I noticed that it is taking a Looong time to come up even with the hay on top and the irragation running in 10 min spirts. It has been Humid and on/off rain so I held up on running the irragation system (some areas i have mushrooms), but not in this area.

    I walked out this morning and found the spots where I reseeded and not coming up, I found a grayish web like substance? I hit it with Bayers Grub control and watered it in for 5 mins.

    When I seeded I used Lescos Perrenial Turf Double eagle rye grass and used Andersons Herbicide 12-24-1 with 35% Siduron.

    Anyone have a clue why this is taking so long to catch and also (most importantly) what the grayish webs are.... Its driving me nutz!!!
    Thanks as always!
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    THANK YOU! Spectracide immunox is what I am thinking of putting this down in AM. I am worried about the new seed. Should I get a spray or granular? I have never used this before (never needed to), so I will read all directions twice and do only the area effected. Is there another product other than the one I mentioned? Should I reseed after or let it be? How fast can this fungus spread?

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