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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TJLC, Aug 11, 2001.

  1. TJLC

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    I tried a search first, but did not fine the answer I was looking for so here goes. I noticed that when I grease my w/b it shoots alot of grease out inbetween the gun hose tip and the fitting. Only a little bit seems to actually seems to get in. Does this sound like the hose is bad or the fitting or possibly both? Thanks for any help.
  2. Buttered Waffle

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    Grease guns are cheap. Grease fittings are cheap. Walk behind spindles, castors, and wheel bearings are expensive. I would suggest getting a new grease gun and grease fittings.
  3. Double D

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    the grease fitting on mine is adjustable, if it is adjusted too loose, it will ooze like you are talking about.
  4. BCLawncare

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    Just replace your tip , I bet that will solve your problem. Also i,
    have found that Lincoln guns and tips are the best. A Lincoln tip
    will out last three cheap tips.
  5. 75

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    The tip on your grease gun's hose might just be worn, try replacing it first & see if that improves things. If not, then try replacing the grease fittings themselves.

    The little bit of grease that does seem to be getting to the bearing - is it fairly easy to squeeze the trigger on the grease gun, or a real struggle? Ideally, it shouldn't take much effort to send the grease through the fitting. If it's a real struggle, the grease fitting may need replacement - the little metal ball could be seized up.

    And, make sure you have the gun tip square on to the fitting (which can sometimes be a little difficult in tight areas - the inner tie rod ends on my truck for example)
  6. Eric ELM

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    I agree with BCLawncare on this. The Lincoln is a good grease gun for the money. Try a new tip before changing the fittings. Also, make sure you have the tip on the fitting straight or it will squirt out all over. A fitting should last for many years unless it has gotten damaged some how.
  7. TJLC

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    Thanks very much to all who replied to my question about grease fittings. I will definately use this advise. Thanks, again
  8. jeffyr

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    In addition to all mentioned above, I have also had the ball bearing inside the fitting stick which prevented grease from entering. A very gentle push on it with the tip of a small screwdriver or awl to free the movement of the ball and then grease it. Fittings are cheap, but this only takes a second to see if that is the problem and the fitting needs changing.
  9. Guido

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    I watch the guys at work not push hard enough onto the fitting to "click" in and they just squirt it everywhere.

    Just another tip: If your going to start replacing fittings, they sell a little tool you should be able to find at any auto parts store. It has a wrench on both sides to remove and install the fittings, it also had a tap for cleaning the threads ad an extractor to pull out broken fittings.

    For a few bucks it comes in really handy!
  10. Cleve

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    Check the fitting on the grease gun. I know that the one I have (Lincoln) is adjustable. You can screw the tip in or out to adjust how tight it fits on the machine fittings. These can sometimes get loose.

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