Grease leaking from trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mike lane lawn care, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I just made a 1,000 mile drive to Huntsville, Tennessee and one of my trailer wheels is coated in grease from the hub. About half way here I noticed that wheel had some play in it, with grease all over the wheel at this point as well, and it turned out to be a loose castle nut. I tightened it up and re packed it with grease got here and now all the grease I packed it with has come out again. Could this be a bad seal or hub or something? I'd like to get it taken care of while I'm here and not brake down on the way back home.

    Thanks guys
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    sounds like seal is distorted..or chewed up maybe. I'd replace the inner bearing as well as new seal. Guess could be that the loose bearing might have took out the seal from wobble..or seal and bearing. Hub is fine..most likely just the seal as you re-packed the bearing and would have noticed excesive looseness...but replace both seal and bearing on inside (they are cheap) my opinion anyway just to play it safe.
  3. mike lane lawn care

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    Thanks! I'll head into knoxville tomorrow and pick up the parts at their tractor supply.
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    To keep in mind for next time, a wheel seal will leak from the wheel bearings from being loose. You should replace both bearings and races or in some cases it is cheaper to buy a complete hub.

    When the wheel bearings are loose the hub wobbles around that makes the wheel seal roll around and not ride straight on the seal suface on the hub. Eventually the edge of the seal catches and tears or it wears it out.

    The second cause is if the brakes get hot and the grease starts to separate it can by pass the seal as the seal is to hold back grease not oil.

    If you see the grease seal leaking it is time to get it checked out right away you may have a wheel and tire that will let go and pass you on the freeway.

    Boat trailers with bearing buddies are bad for blowing seals people pump too much grease into the hub it has no where to go the grease acts like hydraulic pressure and blows out the seal.

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