Grease zerk problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 4-Leaf, Apr 21, 2006.

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    So -- the deck on my Toro Z-Master started going down a little slow. I decided to grease the zerks. 2 of the 3 zerks (one of the two on the rotating shaft) would not take grease so I removed/cleaned them and checked they would allow the grease through while they were out. I reinstalled them but only one of them takes grease. I took out the problem zerk again to be sure it was allowing grease to flow through and it was ok -- but one i reinstalled it, it would not allow grease to flow. I tried to clean out the hole where the zerk went on but it felt rubbery inside and nothing came out as I was cleaning it. It still won't take grease. Any ideas??
  2. deereman

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    Take a piece of wire inside and try to get out as much as you can then regrease, and run it then check it again . Just keep doing that until it comes thru for you.
  3. Talon1189

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    Take apart the part that will not take the grease and thoughly clean both parts out thoughly with a solvent. If you grease the zerks more regularly per the manual you will not have this problem in the future :) Always use synthetic grease, and the problem will almost be eliminated in the future :)
  4. Shultz

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    go to a shop and buy some new zerks....well worth the few bucks, and buy a couple spares. Don't forget, many times a zerk will not take grease if there is tension on the part blocking the inlet of the zerk-sit the deck on a block, then try to grease it.
  5. I've used a tiny drill bit held in my fingers to dig crud out of a dried up grease fitting hole. Then spray the hole with WD-40. Reinstall the zerk and if it won't take grease right away, the WD-40 will have it softened up by the next morning. Of course Talon's method is much better.
  6. old dog 80

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    If ther is dirt in the zerk,this is the best method.You can buy kits of zerks for the shop which is what I do.You might do best to take the whole assembly apart and clean-a seal may have failed and is messing up the grease flow .
  7. 1grnlwn

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    Take it apart and clean it. If the shaft is longer than 3 inches, I grind three flats lengthwise on the shaft to give the grease a path. Stop grinding 3/4 an inch from the ends. Another trick is to pick up a 12 inch grease extention hose . Fill it with penetrating fluid and then force it into the zirk with the grease gun. I use an air greaser.
  8. Runner

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    This is a simple and all too common of a problem. Your zerk is bottoming out when you insert it. Back it off just a touch, and piut your grease in and see what happens. I'll bet a dollar to a donut that this is what it is.

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