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  1. jwl5510

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    What's the best grease for mowers that you guys are using? I have been using what ever brand is in stock when I go to northern tool. But today when i picked up new ZTR from John Deere dealer I noticed that they had put two different greases on the mower. Deck casters had same color grease I use but the blade spindles had a black grease. So Am I using the wrong Stuff?:hammerhead:
  2. Midwest Lawn Services

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    I use deere's green polyurea grease on everything. Its rated for 500 degrees, and thats what my father recommends, he has been a deere mechanic for 25+ years.
  3. jwl5510

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    so you pay 2.00 per tube? thats what dealer sell it for here.
  4. TMTEquipment

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    We have used John Deere SD Polyurea grease for years on all of our equipment and it was damn good stuff. We have since switched to Primrose Armor Plate with Moly-D and this grease is amazing. It's a little more expensive then most good greases but when it comes to maintaining our equipment it's worth it. Pick up a couple of tubes and try it, let me know how you like it.
  5. J&R Landscaping

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    I just run grease that I get from a local auto parts store. Its ade by wolfs head and its rated for cars, trucks and such. I don't have any John Deere equipment though so I'm not sure if their machines need something special??
  6. maintenanceguy

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    There's probably a hundred differen grease formulations. Here's what really matters:

    The thickness of the grease, that's how much soap is in the grease. Thickness is given by grade number. There is grade 1 (thin) , grade 2, and grade 3 (thick). Use thick grease for high temperatures and fast rotating bearings and thin grease for low temperatures and slow rotating bearings. Match the grade # to the grease the mfr. recommends.

    There are several different soaps (thickeners) used in greases. The common ones are calcuium, lithium, and sodium greases. These have very similar properties and are pretty much interchangable. If your equipment specs something else (like aluminum or barium grease) use what they tell you. These greases are either a lot stickier or work over a wider temperature range or stay in place at really slow or really fast speeds.

    Extreme Pressure (EP) greases have a solid lubricant added in. Teflon or graphite dust usually. Under extreme pressures, regular grease will be squeezed out but the solid components n the grease won't go anywhere.

    And finally a note about high temperature grease. Lots of people use high temp. grease everywhere figuring it's better. It's not. Grease is made of two parts. The oil and the soap that thickens it. Lubrication happens when the oil seeps out of the soap. High temp grease gives up its oil at high temperatures. A bearing running at normal temperatures (up to about 200 degrees) can be completely filled with high temperature grease and the bearing can still be oil starved because the high temp grease won't release enough oil.

    The easiest way to pick a grease: Use what the manufacturer recommends.
  7. Lawntime Mowers

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    Most grease and oil are made at the same place. It's made in one vat then transfered to multiple vats where a dye is added to make it look different.
    It's then packaged in tubes or bottles that say John Deer, Pennzoil, Mobil etc. etc. etc.

    If two or three companies have the same spec's the chances are they all came out of the same vat. So your paying more for a dye.

    I think most grease will work fine as long as you add it frequently.

    By the way, After 35 years my Dad retired from making oil and grease.
    He is one of the few leading experts in the country.
  8. Mike Blevins

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    I use Amsoil grease on my Turf Tiger. Great stuff!!!!
  9. B&M

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    marine grade here.
  10. coobie

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    Schaeffers #238 moly supreme,and schaeffers supreme 7000 oil.Great products IMHO.coobie:)

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