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    i just use high temp grease and grease my equipment frequently
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    I'd have to agree, speaking for myself I think it's more important to grease often, like every day on unsealed
    bearings and joints because at this point it hardly matters if it's not packed with grease at all times.

    It's like on a car that's leaking a lot of oil, little difference is it going to make unless it has oil in it.

    Now if you've got sealed bearings such as on some Ztr's, then I suppose special grease might
    give some folks a benefit but I don't see it on unsealed joints.

    Because I've used synthetic grease and it still results in wear and tear on bushing-related joints,
    matter of fact the wear is about the same so the bushings have to be replaced once a year as well,
    again regardless of what type of grease I use.

    Conversely I've had few greasable bearings go bad because I do grease them often,
    on my machines the sealed ungreasable ones go far more often.

    I got my grease some years ago for 89 cents a tube, cases of it, haven't seen
    that kind of a price since now I guess the oil's separating lol but usually when
    my gun doesn't want to squirt it's as likely a problem with the gun.
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  3. JimQ

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    I'm with you. I like a Lithium Complex based grease.

    In my opinion, it's worth putting a good grease in your spindles. Heck, they spin at several thousand RPM. (for example, 3000 - 3500 RPM for a 60" deck). The RPM's go up on smaller decks.

    And, if you've got it in the gun for the spindles, might as well shoot it in everything else.

    More good grease info -

  4. dave k

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    For those who use Reel Mowers, I would recommend JD Cornhead grease.
  5. green grass lawn care

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    well from 13 years on a drilling rig i would have to say the mystic is what i trust. the red mystik jt 6. it is high temp and we hardly ever have problems grease related. our equipment runs for 24 hours a day 7 days a week for months at a time. most zerts are greased once a day. and when a bearing finally gives up the ghost it is because it was in a weird sideways bind not from bad grease. just grease it often. vince
  6. 360ci

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    I use Amsoil synthetic grease. I get a decent price on it as I use Amsoil products on (and in) my vehicles as well as small engine equipment. Tube of it costs me close to $6, which isn't a bad deal in my area. Quaker State and other synthetics run in the $6 range as well, but with Amsoil, I get some cash back in commissions for the volume I buy. I can get standard high pressure grease for $3.99 a tube, but for the couple extra bucks and since I also use the grease on my vehicles, I get the better stuff.
  7. a_mow_zing

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    question about greasing bearings....I was once told that overgreasing a bearing was just as bad as not greasing it at all, the reason being that too much grease increases the load on the race....make sense to anyone or not? Note, this is on larger equipment, like 2 inch bearings and u joints.
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  8. DLCS

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    Yep, I only grease my machines once a week and thats the spindles only. Never lost a bearing due to under greasing. I learned about over greasing years ago working with heavy machinery, unless its losing or throwing grease, no need to grease it every day. If you over grease you can actually destroy the seals and cause it to throw the grease. This is oen the reason manufacturers go to sealed bearings.
  9. a_mow_zing

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    Yeah, made sense to me too but just was wondering if he was just trying to sell more bearings....Growing up I was taught to grease until it squirted some out the race and seals....
  10. milo

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    a big problem with over greasing is popping seals. alot of spindles have a weep hole for the grease to come out of and not mess up seals but alot of items dont have a weep hole and if its something with a seal if the seal pops out or weeps out the grease dirt, water and things can get in easy. best is use a high temp and waterproof grease and do like owners manual says

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