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    I recently purchased a used Super Z. Service was done to the machine by the dealer on May 4, 2004. The machine is 2 years old (but 2001) and only has about 50 hours on it (according to the meter).

    Today I got under the deck to sharpen the blades and decided to grease the spindles. Wow....took over 1/2 of a tube of grease for the three spindles. Is this normal? How often should I grease the spindles? I only used the machine to cut about 3 acres once a put on less than 2 hours a week.

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    Your bearings are sealed inside that spindle, when greasing this unit, you are basically just lubricating the shaft and forcing any moisture out of the spindle that may be present.
    We only suggest this spindle to be greased once a season in most applications.
    The cavity inside the spindle will hold a lot of grease, so 1/2 a tube is about right, but it should take no where near that every time.

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    How do you grease the spindles? Do you have to pull them apart to do this or is there a Zerk (nipple)(I suppose being sealed there isn't one)

    Why did Hustler have sealed spindles instead of the greasable. I would of thought greasable would be better so you can keep clean fresh grease up to it.

    By the way, I dont mean to sound like I'm criticizing Hustler all the time because thats not my intention. I just want to know as much about them as I can, the good and the bad, so I can make as much of an informed decision as possible when my time comes.
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    The full frame Hustler Z's and Super Z's have a grease fitting on the housing (ductile cast iron), you are basically lubricating the shaft and the cavity between the bearing's.
    The Mini Z, Super Mini Z and FasTrak use a aluminum spindle with no grease fitting and sealed bearing's also, there is not a way to lubricate these bearing's.
    I have read here on LS in other posts about guys drilling and putting a grease fitting in the housing.. well this basically does nothing for the bearing's, the bearings have shields on them so the grease never gets to the ball bearings.
    Bearing technology and lubricant technology has come a long way over the years and we feel with the testing we have done that the spindles we are using are the best for the application we use them in.


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