Great article in L&L mag Greenworld


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Enjoyed your piece on credit card usage. Have been doing a little looking in that direction also.
What other advice could you share with us or because of space or editorial choice did not get printed.


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thanks earth tool...

sleepy head, it is in the 'lawn and landscape' publication. gie publishes it. it is really one of the finer green industry mags out there.

my advice to you:

shop around...there are deals to be had, you have to look for them. purchase your pin pad...DO NOT RENT! they are inexpensive...some places sell them for $99 if you sign up and stay with them for x amount of years.

credit cards are get your $$$ in 24 hrs. increases your cash flow, you look more professional, increases your pool of potential clients b/c they can fianance their outdoor projects...just be sure to add 3% to the price to cover the cost of accepting credit cards...

also, decrease billing in office, decrease trips to the bank, waiting 5 days for the check to clear, checking account recollination (sp)...big pluses!!!



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we place it on the install contract...'credit card info here...'

also, service techs also push credit card payment when home owner states 'oh, i forgot the checkbook...'

it is great for clients who owe you money...when you call them, stress the credit card payment. we have office personell tell a client over and over again that we accept credit cards.

that way, i can get paid and they get an additional 28 days to pay the card. works great for me.

also, if you feel that a potential client is 'iffy', request a credit card for the deposit. therefore if you get 'stiffed' you can charge the card.

it pretty much gives me a peace of mind. also, the benefits i mentioned before.

once your clients hear you accept credit cards, you will be amazed at how they are open to the idea.

it is the future...electronic fund transfers!


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