Great Dane 48" Hydro Walk Behind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by IronBear74, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. IronBear74

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    I may be purchasing a used Great Dane 48" cut walk behind with hydrostatic drive. The model number is 'GDWHG17KA'.

    The guy said the machine is in great shape, just needs new hydrostatic pumps. He said he would let the machine go for $300.00 Is this a good deal?

  2. jakes mowing

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    I dont know about Great Dane, but i know that on other mowers they can VERY expensive.
  3. 123hotdog

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    I have owned three great danes and still own one today. But the mower you are talking about the pumps are in a bad spot and a pain in the a** to change. Those pumps for that particular mower are really expensive cause they are not the same on a Surfer, a Scamper, or a Chariot. That mower is not worth fixing even if he gives it to you. The only way that mower is worth buying is if you have one like it and are buying it just to keep another mower like it running with spare parts. You will have more in the mower than it is worth. I'm not a Great Dane hater. I have a 61" Surfer that I will have till I retire.:walking:
  4. IronBear74

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    Thanks hotdog,

    I've been pricing pumps for this machine and they are in the neighborhood of 600 bucks so with that being said, I'm passing on it.

    I'm in no need for a mower as I don't even own a house yet. I like to work on power equipment. Ideally I'd like to pick up a late model John Deere walk behind because I'm more familiar with them.

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