Great Dane 48" ZTR pulley problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Hardy's Lawn Service, May 1, 2006.

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    I'm new to posting threads, but have been reading a bunch of them. I have a serious question and really don't want personal opinions about my mower of choice. To each his own. My question is this, Has anyone had this similar problem and what corrected it? I have a 48" Great Dane Chariot ZTR that has stripped the pulley off the spindle shaft on two separate occasions. It is the spindle on the right, closest to the discharge chute. This is a 3 blade deck. It happened last year, then it happened 2 weeks ago. Each time I had to replace the shaft and the pulley ( about $105 each time ). My dealer has no solution. I check the pulley tightness every day when I change blades, and the belts are adjusted properly. The other 2 pulleys and shafts are fine. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
  2. ThirdDay

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    Great Dane has one of the worst spindle set ups ever designed. We had problems with pulleys, spindles, belts, hydro motors etc....

    The Great Dane mowers are on their way out of our fleet due to repeat problems.

    Good luck with your dog!
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    A guy I sub has one... I'll ask him if I talk to him tommorrow.
  4. mopar4u

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    sounds like a design issue, you may have to just deal with it. good luck
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    I worked in a Great Dane dealership for 7 years and we probably 35 or so units sold out of our shop in that time. I can only remember 2 or 3 situations similar yours. In each case, when the consumer was asked how he tightened his blade bolt, they were not using an impact to do so. Yes, the splined spindle and pulleys can be a problem if ran loose for a short period of time. I still service about 8 of those units out of my home shop and not one of those has had a problem in the last 3 years. Problems ceased when Dane went to the later style spindle that used a nut to retain the spindle rather than the snap ring.

    Keep the blade bolts tight and you shouldn't have a problem.


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