Great Dane Chariot mower.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AB Lawn Care, Jul 3, 2000.

  1. AB Lawn Care

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    I read a post a while a ago from a guy who owned Great Dane Chariot mowers.This got me thinking.There are no dixie dealers or support in canada and little dealer support for lazers in my area.The best support is for Walker,Scag,Great Dane,Gravely.So my question is do you guys think a Chariot would be a good mower to use if DC and Lazer is out of the question????What speed can they cut at???Deck sizes???What are their weeknesses???Any info would help!!!!!<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
  2. Starling Lawn

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    adam,<br>we used great dane chariot jrs. in va.,the cut is beautiful.the speed(10mph)is great.the support from the factory sucks.we could not even get a maint. manual.,the dealer handed me some fuzzy copies that he found in the back.<br>also,they are built strong,but they were difficult to service on a daily basis.also there are a set of contacts at the bottom of the steering arms that wear out,thus making it frustrating to start the mower.they need constant adjustment.<br>hope this helps.<br>dave
  3. accuratelawn

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    My Dane dealer here does not carry the Chariots because of control are problems.<br>He has the Surfers and walks, but will not handle the Chariots until the prob is fixed.<br>Super Surfer might be an option. Cheaper than a rider and just as productive.
  4. LiVe2

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    I use a Chariot here in fla and I love it. Its allmost to fast, all those turns will make a guy sick. (hehe)
  5. Chris

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    Our mowing crew(s)felt that the controls were too sensitive for mixed types of mowing we were doing. They voted for either the Ferris Procut or the Scag turf tiger. Due to dealer service philosophies we opted for the Scag. We do use the Super Surfer as a walk behind replacement; good machine. HOWEVER!! Make sure that the machine has the heavy duty new frame; the original is too light and will snap just in front of the engine area.
  6. EarthWorks

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    I agree with maint. problems on the Chariot. The blades don't change out easily at all. We have had several problems with pre mature belt wearing and safety switch adjustment. All the problems I have encountered could be easily taken care of at the design dept. Maybe they will get the kinks out and this will be a good machine. scale of 1-10 I would give it a 6.
  7. slingshot

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    i would go with the gravley. i know alot of people trading in there dixies on them
  8. KirbysLawn

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    I love my Chariot. The only problem I have had happened last week and was my fault. The support arm on the right broke after hitting a large hole I didn't see, causing the mower to bounce high and land hard!<p>Have a 98 model with the factory belts still on it, no control problems, haven't had to contact the factory due to having a great dealer and only one problem!<p>I can change my blades in 3 minutes or so, it mows fast, and cuts beautifully. The new 2000 models have an improved steering with &quot;dampers&quot; which make it a smoother drive and helps with the sudden stops. Try one.<p>Ray
  9. t mitch

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    Love mine too. I also have a 98 model chariot. Original belts, no steering problems. No problems of any kind. No problem changing blades here, as kirbyslawn said, about three minutes. It mows great. It will mow as fast as the terrain will let you go, up to 10 mph. Would buy another in a heartbeat.
  10. HOMER

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    Explain how you can change blades in 3 minutes. How are they attached?<p>Homer

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