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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eblankenship, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. eblankenship

    eblankenship LawnSite Member
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    What is the going price for new Great Dane Chariot 48" deck 19 horse Kaw? appears to have 6 they are going to sell and I am looking for a compact z for small to mid size residential yds.

    What do you guys think would be reasonable to buy at auction? And any general thoughts about this model mower?
  2. eblankenship

    eblankenship LawnSite Member
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  3. ResidentialOwner

    ResidentialOwner LawnSite Member
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    This ad is in the Thrifty Nickel in SW Virginia might give you an idea.

    "GREAT DANE commercial Chariot lawn mower, 48" cut, 19 hp Kawasaki, only 29 hours. 2 years left on warranty, like brand new! Paid $6,200, will take $4,800 obo."
  4. eblankenship

    eblankenship LawnSite Member
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    thanks , very helpful

    WDCLAWN LawnSite Member
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    Sorry I missed this but paid $6k for a 61" Chariot in March.

  6. eblankenship

    eblankenship LawnSite Member
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    I bought one at auction about a month ago, paid 4500. I feel like I got a good deal. New 0 hours but also 0 warranty.
  7. mowerbrad

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    My regional sales manager gave me a quote for a 48" chariot a while back and it was $6299.00. Have you thought about getting a super surfer instead, they have a little small foot print which might be nice for you if you are going to be doing the small or medium sized lawns. Those were priced at $5799.00 for the 48".
  8. mc24034

    mc24034 LawnSite Member
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    I bought the 52" Super Surfer brand new with .2 hrs on it for $4,200. Awesome mower. Great for all yards especially the small yards. Does well on hills also. I believe there are some on Ebay going at a good price.

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