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Great Dane Chariot


LawnSite Member
I have an opportunity to buy a 48" Great Dane Chariot with an 18hp B&S. About 1200 hours on it. Asking price is $2K.
I have no experience with these machines and would appreciate any comments the members may have....positive and negative. Do not know the year but would presume it is at least 2 years old.


Millenium Member
I have a 22hp Chariot and love it. Sounds like a good deal but who knows. Check the arms that extend from the rear axle to the mowing deck for cracking, ask if they have been replaced. I broke one of mine when I hit a large hole while moving fast, sent all the weight down on it and "snap". :mad: Offer them $1800.00 and see if they take it.


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a 61" 25 hp chariot that is Great! I have had a diod go out and while it was being repaired I used a 48" 17 hp and I dont like them very much at all. Its like going from a chevette to a cruser. Jim