Great Dane Chariot


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I'm still gearing up for next year and am still doing a lot of research on mowers and their pluses/minuses for given applications, but here's my observation.
Last week I looked @ the Wright Stander and the Great Dane Chariot and the Chariot was hands down built much better. I haven't demoed the units, but I do know the Chariot will haul (dealer took off and skidded it around). Also, it's built really heavy duty. In fact, I've looked @ a lot of mowers (ztr, stand, walk-behind,...) and it looked over-built.
Hope this helps in whatever you need it for... I do know the Chariot is very high on my list of mowers.


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Karl, I have a wright stander, and love it when I bought it I compared it to the great dane and liked it better, so I went with it, easy to use especially on small residential and also use it on quite large properties. Good luck


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I am not too crazy about the chariot. I have one. I feel that they will have a great mower in a few years when they get the kinks out. Have had some problems with the safety switches and premature belt wear. I don't like the belt adjustments. There are no spring idlers just bolt adjusters which equals more maintenance. Also not crazy about the way the blades change out. Other wise the chariot is fast and powerful and fairly goo on slopes.

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