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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stangman, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. stangman

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    I was at a dealer this weekend and asked about the price on a G.D. He showed me a 61" chariot w/ a 25 horse Kaw. and told me I could get it for 5995 or a 48" w/ a 19 horse Kaw. for 5795. I know this is a no brainer but I feel like the 61 may be a lil too much. All i have is res. work but am gonna try to pick up some comm. for next season. Has anyone else priced these mowers or presently have one?
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    You might find that the 48" will be more economical for your residential accounts. As for commercial work you might find that the 48" will work also. Especially if you get any strip malls or buildings that ar all "parking lot" with thin median grass strips and lots of landscape. Unless you are planning on cutting large lots I would stick with the 48".
    However you know your accounts best so virtually you know what would work in your situation.
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    Wow! That is a great price on a 61"....

    I'm a 48" fan as I find their is so little you can't do with one. But no way would I buy a 48" unless I had a ton of places I couldn't put a 61"... epecially not at that price. It's just simple math... probably more than 25% more productive per hour and only 13" bigger to get around or squeeze through with.

    So unless you have a bunch of places you would have to trim mow, places you couldn't access, or places with a lot of narrow ditch banks that would scalp... then go with the 61"... I had a lot of tight places, 4' access areas and a lot of ditch banks ect... So my start to finish job times were faster overall with the 48"... so you should demo both units.

    Cut yourself a 62"-63" piece of PVC pipe or whatever to use as a guage... carry it and check your tight access areas. It will give you a good pre-demo idea of where you can and can't take this mower.

    Also, do you have a Lesco store anywhere nearby? If so, all their mowers 48"-72" are near that price range, or they were last I checked. A 25hp Kawi 60" cut is $5,999. A split the difference option between 4' and 5' mowers would be the Lesco 23hp Kawi 54" cut at $5,799.... lot more mower than the 48" dane for a measly $4... lol
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    I have a Chariot that is 4 years old. For 1 year it was my main mower and I thought the world of it. The second year it started to get like a wild horse, you couldn't control it, the steering linkage was worn out. Replaced all of the linkage, had to weld both of the deck stabilizer bars underneath casue they broke, had to weld the lift linkage on the deck cause it broke, put head gaskets on it, all in the 2nd year. Bought my first exmark, parked the dane and bought 5 more exmarks. I know they have changed the linkage so it woun't wear out as fast, haven't follwed them other than that. The dealer who was selling them dumped them after 2 years. I personally would not recommend one to anyone, nor would I ever buy another one. I have given it to a family in my church who was trying to cut 3 acres with a push mower just to keep it running. This year it has cost me almost 150 in spindle bearings and shafts just to keep it going for them. (the couple has 6 daughters from 5 to 16 years of age and couldn't afford to buy another mower, and they are friends)

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