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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sildoc, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. sildoc

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    I know these are new but I remember reading that there was a test crew that ran these. My question is 1. How was the cut. 2. Does any one know the price of these. 3. Do they mulch well. and last. Do you forsee any flaws in the design?
    Thank you.
  2. sildoc

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  3. hunter

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    I've looked at them, but I still have the problem that it's too wide for most gates. With the wing up it's still almost 38" wide.

    Here's a pic of what it looks like.

  4. promower

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    I demoed one of these and they do cut great and in my situation would fit through almost every gate. The only thing I didnt like and for many this wouldnt be an issue was the stripes came out looking kinda wierd. With the wing down the tire tracks are off centered, then when you turn around they are off centered again but on the other side. Other then that I liked it a lot, I didnt get one but thought it was a great idea. I really dont have many gated properties and the ones I have are small enough for my 36"
  5. energy

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    i think this mower is just about useless. Most gates that are 3 feet wide are exactly that, 3 feet wide. Adding a couple of inches really mess things up as far as fitting through, worse if you have to go in at an angle instead of straight in. Im not sure how it works exactly with the wing part and all, but im sure it take a minute or two to drop down and flip up. How much are these mowers? Im sure they are in the price of similar sized mowers with a few hundred dollars added just for the uniqueness of it. I wouldnt buy it, doesnt look reliable and looks like it might be damaged easily if you hit that left side of deck. Get you a 36" Wright Stander, i did, never regret it. Got a new one 4 months ago, liked it so much that i traded my 54" ZTR for another 36" Stander a few days ago.
  6. Watchdog

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    i thought you sad giveaway. those look cool!!!
  7. brentsawyer

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    Demoed one one day or should I say one yard. That was enough. Its too bad that I actually care about what my clients lawns look like b/c if I didn't I could save some time riding compared w/ the 36".

    Basically, ugliest cut I've ever seen and I was real embarrased to cut the one lawn w/ it and thank god the stripes only laid out for a week.
  8. gogetter

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    Just for the record, they aren't new. Been around for a few years at least.

    There's at least one member here that I know of that has one.
    In e-mailing with him about it, he said he liked it. He did say that it wasn't the best machine for striping, but not everybody here cares about striping.

    I would agree that they probably should have tried to get the width under 36" w/wing up
    But overall, I'd say it would be a pretty handy machine. I know I have several yards that I use a 36" mower in, that I could fit that one into and really cut down my time.

    I seriously looked into getting one two years ago, and almost bought one (a dealer had them for $4000), but decided to stick it out with my 36" belt drive a little longer. Besides, another great deal came along (unused 52" hydro Snapper wb-$2700).

    If Hustler doesn't come out with their "GateStar" (or whatever they're calling it now) soon, I may still look for a Gateway and sell my 36" belt wb.

    P.S. Energy, boy, that's a lot of assumptions based on a single picture. Sheesh!:confused: :rolleyes:
  9. gogetter

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  10. energy

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    Gogetter, im sure you been in the business for a while. Yes i am making assumption on the mower, because in buying a mower, we have to be somewhat mechanically and intuitively inclined, right? It is, in my experience, something that is only for a selected few to own this machine. How many people fence off their yard that is of a significant size anyways? People that live in more rural areas or that have a lot of land, dont usually fence off their yard and if they do, dont usually do it with a 3 feet gate. The point i am trying to make is that this machine would be good for a very, very select few as your point in making that only "1" person you know of having one. I could not imagine someone using this mower as their only mower. I think it would be awkward too on the fact in manuvering and watching what you are mowing. You would almost be consistantly keeping an eye out to your left instead of in the middle where you get a better peripheral view of everything you are cutting. The extended cutting part would also seem to be more likely to scalp when making a sharp right turn. I even noticed it on my 54" ZTR when i do this, could only imagine now it would be with a deck that stick out more. $4000 could get you a 36" Stander, which would be much better. I have two 36" Standers, one i just traded for my 54" ZTR because it was that good. I timed myself on two adjacent lots with both 54" and 36". These two lots equal to approximately 1/2 acre, minus the house of course, and i only lost a difference of about 5-10 minutes. These Standers are so nimble and quick, the size doesnt affect the difference as one might think. I had a belt 36" before too and it doubled my time. If sildoc is considering this mower for 1 or 2 accounts, it is not worth it. Keep in mind, this is all from my personal experience, i dont want to influence anyone on their decision. By the way Gogetter, how does that wing part work? enlighten us a little.

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