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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by g888642, Jul 9, 2000.

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    I am kinda wondering about correct way to adjust height on my 48" Kawasaki Great Dane Jr. The owners manual says to refer to part or "page" for "how to" adjust deck. I have not found it. Does anyone have that info in their packet of material. I also am goin thru small 6" or 7" long axle bolts for the plastic wheels on deck like crazy. (Breakin Em) Anyone know of a outlet to buy them. My dealer is getting tired of giving them to me. Do you think Great Dane would respond to an inquiry about the adjustment question.
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    First of all,what are you hitting that you're going through so many bolts? You can get bolts at any hardware store and not pay the premium for a lawnmower company's bolt that they bought from the hardware store. If your dealer can't get the page that the owner's manual is missing, I'm pretty sure that Great Dane would be happy to get it to you ASAP. Its probably a liability issue for them also, sending out an incomplete manual.
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    Are the bolts that are breaking for your scalp wheels? Is so you might adjust to the next hole up so they are not so low to the ground. I am assuming there are additional hole for the mounting of your scalp wheels.

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