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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gmeeks, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. gmeeks

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    I was just wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on Great Dane Chariot ztr mowers? Also would like to know what your preference brand would be? Thanks
  2. Mowing Buddy

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    I and my crews all love the Danes. They are tough! No frills like cup holders, but these things are bullet proof. We run a 23 HP 52" and a 25HP 61". Both have Kawasaki engines. We have never had to do any maintenance other than normal preventative maintenance. I bought the 52" when I started and 2 years later bought the 61" to do some big commercial acreage properties. Both have served me very well. I got just under 500 hours out of both machines before I had to change a belt. The 52" now has over 2000 hours, and I used it today to cut a large commercial 2 acre property then 15 residential homes. The 61" now has close to 600 hours on it, and really lays down some big properties fast with the 61" Deck. I really like the between your legs controls. I have always thought in a roll over I would be able to jump off rather than feel like I was trapped in controls that wrap around you. Just a personal preference I guess, but it is a feature I like. If you go with a Dane, I think you will be pleased. I have alot of history I can impart to you, because no matter what I buy I do alot of research before I make the purchase. Mr. Dane Skag started Skag Mowers and later sold it. Then he started Great Dane. If you have every noticed Great Dane mowers resemble Skag's very closely. Mr. Skag sold Great Dane to John Deere. John Deere had Great Dane build their stander, and then John Deere sold the company to Everride, who currently ownes them. The parent companies have changed, but Great Dane continues to be built in North Carolina, and builds one heck of a great product, in my opinion. Good Luck
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    I just picked up a 61" Great Dane Super Surfer at the beginning of this year. I have had to do a couple maintenance things that had been neglected. The ramp on my trailer is a little steep...anyway, I rolled the Dane off the back of the trailer and it stopped upside down. After carefully checking everything over, I started it and it has run fine...the only thing was a small hole in the top corner of the gas tank. I am going to patch it first...if that does not work, I will get a new tank. Great Danes are tough the way, I sure am glad that I was able to run off the back of the mower and trailer instead of sitting on something where I was trapped on a seat.

    Good luck!
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