Great Dane mowers?


Yardley, PA.
Just picked up a brochure on Great Dane mowers. Was wondering what you guys thought of them. Seem to be pretty interesting designs like the Super Turfers "stand on" platform design, and the Gateways flip up wing to get through gates and for use on smaller lawns as well as larger ones with wing down.
Catalog didn't have prices though. Thoughts? Thanks.

Jonathan E.


I really like the idea of the super surfer. Just saw one at a turf show and was impressed by the machine. I will have to demo one though before I make up my mind. They are short, quick, lightweight and cheaper than a ztr. All the good aspects of a wb and you don't have to walk.


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Dylan last June i demoed the greatdane chariot 25hp 60deck on sale for 6900, They are great machines, there built by Dane Scaggs, who owned the Scag Co. He left and started the Danes. I was going to buy that machine, but i ended up getting a Toro Z_Master. Its no better than that greatdane that i wanted so bad, the only reason i went with the Toro is the dealer, The dane dealer was small and if i purchased it and broke=down he couldn't give me a loner. Which is a must for me. And ive done alot of business with the Toro dealer,i have the 24hr service,and the 16% Discount, plus he has a Gaint Dealership. Demo one from your dealer up there and see how well made they are, you could bush-hog with one, and you can get the hydro seat rides so much better than the regular. Just wanted to let you know what i thought about them, I do see several around town. Whats funny is down here in southern indiana scagg is the number uno seller, then Exmark and Toro. And the man that designed the scags ownes and designs the Danes LOL. Good Luck If you purchase one Marks Mowing Service


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My mowers are Great Danes and I love'em. Will be interesting what the John Deere deal brings. A search will provide much information on the subject. I would avoid the first model Super Surfer, the newer one with the updates are much better. As for the Chariot, I don't think you could ask for a better ZTR unles it was diesel.


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I realy like Great Dane, I have used the old style surfer alot and love it. I havn't got a chance to use the super surfer though but it does look good. The sufer is real munuverable and quick, it also cuts real nice too. I have 2 scag hydro's, which like Mark said where designed by Dane Scag, the guy who designed Great Dane, and the scag walkbehinds are real good.

I was thinking about getting a surfer but even though I love them I decided that I'm gonna get an Exmark Lazer intead. The reasons for the lazer over the surfer, 1)I don't realy like the Dane dealer that much and would rather deal with one deal than two, 2) standing in the surfer will kill your knees 3) the lazer is more veritile than the surfer, more attachment are made which makes them especially more valuble in the fall with the ultra vac, mulching kit and push blower buggy. plus exmark has more engine options. If I could have both mowers I would though, The Danes are good mowers.

Also try a search on Great Danes or Super Surfers, I know there have been some other good posts on them.


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I bought a Great Dane Super Surfer last spring. Works great when it's in running shape. I think the first few models were prototype ones. I talked w/ Dane Scag at the Mid-Am show last winter. That's what convinced me to buy one. First problem, a pulley wheel's bearings disintegrated after two weeks. Left rear wheel bolts sheared off and the wheel came off. Luckily only 20 feet from the trailer. Right wheel came off a week later. Don't know why the dealer just didn't replace both sides. Oh ya, the first big problem was when a hydro pump chewed itself up after the first week of use. Had some recalls to add frame reinforcement, wheel weights, fenders and a few other things. I figure all the breakdowns and time in the shop cost me over $1000 last year. My dealer tried to work with the factory and got very little help. He dropped Great Dane after selling only a few units and my Super Surfer. Now I have a one of a kind in the area. I've tried contacting the factory also and get very little response.

On the good side. This machine is a screamer when running. It saves me time. Very fast on straight runs. Takes up very little space on the trailer. Never have to worry about hitting things behind me because I'm the rear of the machine. Oil changes are great with no tools and no mess. Only eight places to grease. Does have a slight problem with running parallel on slopes. When the left hydro is on the low side (only 5 degrees) I think the hydro runs low on fluid and bogs down. Everyone tells me this can't happen but it does. I think the hydro tank is a little on the small side and the fluid does get awful hot after an hours use.


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Dane Scagg also designed the Ransomes walk behind mower which was later called Bob-Cat when Ransomes bought out B/C.
If I am not mistaken, the Ransomes deal came first, then the Scag company, then Great Dane.
Can you say innovator?


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Don't forget to throw a few years in there working for Snapper. Wonder why everything kind of looks the same?


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gotgetter you might want to go to EricElms site to his link page and do a surch there are several links to the great dane and the wright standers this will give you a lot of info Good luck