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Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by Turf Dancer, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. Turf Dancer

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    Has the Quality decreased on Dane Products since the Purchase of the company by John Deere ? Has anything been changed to the Super Surfers by John Deere ? I think John Deere Mowers are garbage and I was already to buy a couple of Danes and then the Company was bought by JD ! Now I am not sure what to do ! I was thinking about the purchase of a 36" SS and a 52" SS but now I am not sure! Everytime or almost everytime a company is bought out by another company the changes start and then the product quality starts to drop! I mean hey there were only two companies building standers Dane and the other company who Dane got the idea from, who we won't mention here. I think the Super Surfer was one Great Machine but now there is a John Deere version of it ! I guess to make it look good then JD had to lower the quality of its Super Surfer ? That is what I am hearing out of a couple of dealers ! WHat is the Scoop ? Can I put my trust in Great Dane Products the Same as I could a little over two years ago ?
  2. John Joensen

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    Dear potential Great Dane customer:

    I need to set he record straight, the product quality has never been better with Great Dane. We always are looking for ways to improve our products and services. Lets face it, no ones perfect however; we have never turned our back on a customer. We are a hands-on division of Deere that spends all their time in the field. Deere has given our division the resources to take our company to the next level. Examples of just a few of these resources are:

    1) A new factory that is ISO Certified
    2) The best retail finance programs in the industry
    3) Next generation engineering procedures
    4) Accelerated testing facility
    5) Advanced parts distribution facility
    6) Funding for “Next Generation” products
    7) Ansi certified mid-mounts (only one other non-Deere
    company can claim this)

    In closing, we plan to be around for a long time. Hope this helps you with your decision process. Check out our website when you get a chance

    Thank You!

  3. LawnGuy73

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    Dear Turf Dancer,

    We have been running great dane mowers (old style) for many years now doing commercial property maintenance. I love them, there great mowers, Im sorry to say that the new ones are garbage.. They must be at least 1.5-2 feet longer, they give you a floating deck that scalpes more then the fixed deck, they shortened the base that you stand on- makes for very unconfortable ride. John deere took a nearly flawless commercial mower and basicaly tried to make it "homeowner" friendly. But if you really want one don't worry, you can fix the scalping by buying the anti-scalp wheels......thats right they give you a floating deck without scalp wheels-real good thinking guys. Also you can fix the shorter base with an extention...also not encluded which means more $$. So in my thinking idsay buy used old style or go with wright stander- I know we are
  4. John Joensen

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    Epic Lawn Care:

    The Changes to our new Super Surfers were a direct result of us attending many regional trade shows as well as national shows. We spent countless hours speaking to end-users about our Surfer, questioning them on what they would like to see in the “Next Generation” Stand-on.

    Advantages of the Super Surfer verses to Surfer:

    1 – Climb vertically better than the Surfer and any other
    competitive stand-on in the industry.

    2 – As you mentioned, the ride is better than Surfer. I would say
    this is extremely important especially when you are on the
    machine for 8-hours a day.

    3 – The floating deck gives you the ability to change cutting
    heights faster than the Surfer and the Wright Stander. Our
    quality of cut is as good as anything in the market place.

    4 – The springs in our platform add to the comfort of operation.
    the Wright Stander has none. In addition, our OPC system is
    not located in the platform. Ask our dealers to show you.

    5 – Our unit is 20% faster than competitor resulting in getting on
    and off the property faster than the theirs. Isn’t this

    6 – We do not hear consistent issues about scalping. If this is an
    issue (as a result of very uneven properties) an option roller
    kit is available for a very reasonable price.

    I challenge any potential purchaser of a stand-on machine to visit a Great Dealer dealer and inquire about the Great Dane “Time Study Program”. This program will enable you to "try before you buy" and will cost you nothing. I know, I would not make a big purchase until I tried them all. Demonstrating a unit in a dealers parking lot won't tell you anything. You need to take the units to your sites. In addition, a two-hour demonstration isn,t enough. You need to try one for a couple of days. We have thousands and thousands of happy Super Surfer customers.

    Epic Lawn Care come back to Great Dane we want you!

  5. brucec32

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    I've always wondered why some floating decks lack sufficient anti-scalp wheels. How much could it save in costs to cut back on em? Lose the cupholders, add the wheels.
  6. KirbysLawn

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    Why is the discharge shoot now plastic instead of metal?

    Glad to see ya'll here, I used a Chariot for years and it was a great mower.
  7. John Gamba

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    You Tell Them John. At Least We Know Great Dane can Put The Gloves On!!!

    Good Luck John Gamba.
  8. LawnGuy73

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    I could'nt put it any better myself, we had a lawn care auction here in MN yesterday and they had reps from a local dealer out there- of coarse Great Dane was there.. The guy was telling us that they sold a total TWO "super surfers" last year, and thirty six "old style surfers". The best put is the guy was telling us that after dane came out with the super surfer the dane held a show forall the commerical guys to come ut and demo them,all guys were saying what they did'nt like and stuff. The reps from dane did'nt even listen they just kept telling why its better, all the stuff they added, and why not to buy "the other guysmower" - real good salesmanship, what is great dane getting selling tips from used car dealers now?
  9. John Joensen

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    Epic Lawn Care:

    This is a manufacture site set-up for Great Dane to address questions with potential and existing GD customers. Please make any comments you may have under the commercial lawn care section of this site.

    Thank You!

  10. John Joensen

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    Kirby lawn:

    Good question, Great Dane made the switch to the high impact shield to prevent landscapers from taking off the metal ones after you bent them all up the first week you purchase the new unit.


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