Great Dane Scamper Owners?


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I'm looking at a Scamper 36'', 15HP, Loop Handel.

How do you like your Scampers in all respects?

How much did you pay US for your Scamper? Or better yet do you know what they retail for now?

Getting it sent down here could be an ordeal but I'm told that it can be sent down on one of GD Australias regular shipments. I'm not going to get into it. Long story! Any info would be great.

Much Appreciated!! :)


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I have a Scamper HG pistol grip. 15 horse Kaw 48 inch deck. Haven't had a problem and it pulls me around all day. I haven't been mowing very long but I tried everything and it came down to either Lesco or Great Dane. I went with the dane. It came down to a $600 difference but that didn't influence my decision very much. I paid $2995 and got a free set of filters worth a whopping $25.

Blades of Steel

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Southaven, MS

I have owned mine for 3 yrs and it has been as solid as anything on the market. I broke 1 spring early on but nothing since then. Mine has a 14hp Kawi on it and runs like a champ. Not to mention extremely fast cutting. I bought an accelerator bagger for it and that help on some of the larger yards.

Get one and ride it like you stole it.


diod you get my e-mail this morning?



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Hickory, NC
I have a 48 inch 14 kaw and love it. It is a heavy mower on the small yards sometimes. It will take off on hills if u aren't careful.


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Thanks Guys!

Just what I wanted to hear!

Personaly I think Great Dane don't get the credit they deserve. IMO they are just as good as any other brand out there.

Tim, I just pulled your Email outa my SPAM filtter. Dam that things a PITA somtimes! Thanks mate. Thats exactly what I need. I've just forwarded those specs to some makers and am waiting on a few qoutes. I'll let you know how it all pans out and hopfully I'll have some pics of the beast to post in around 4 weeks depending on how busy these makers are.
Thanks again mate, I really apreciate it!

Have a good one all!