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Great Dane slowing down...


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I'm not familiar with the Danes but if it has twin hydro pumps I would suggest checking the belt, Dixie Choppers act the same way with a worn or out of adjustment belt.
Maybe this will help.


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Southbury, CT
Not sure if you have a dump valve on yours, if it's hydro I think you should. On my scag it has a lever that you flip when you need to push the mower around in the garage. It lets the wheels free-wheel. I flip the lever when I move the machine forward or backward in my garage. When I was cutting, the mower didn't seem to be going fast enough. I pushed the lever closed with my foot while cutting and all the power and speed returned. My problem is that it won't stay in the closed position so it's most likely opened a little and causing the loss in speed. I need to figure out a way to hold the lever down.