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Great Dane Stander


LawnSite Member
I'm considering a Great Dane Stander. Two questions, how are they on slopes and aside from trailer space what are the advantages?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Super Surfer? (Wright Mfg. calls theirs a "Stander")

Above average adjustment period.

The Michigan distributor dropped the line "due to problems" with the machine.

I wrote an accurate post earlier on these mowers. See if it comes up on a search.

The word is the original Surfer (discontinued) was a great machine, the Super Surfer is riddled with problems. (Most minor, but all involve downtime.)


LawnSite Member
Carlisle, PA
We made the mistake of trading in our oringinal Surfer on a new Super Surfer. We have had constant problems with the machine; including the break-in-half item that has happened to so many. I think that the concept is good, trailer space usage is minimized, and the cut is decent. Unfortunately, I don't think that the company thought this one all the way through. Perhaps it was pushed out fast in an effort to get the bucks in. We have a great dealer, but we're not sure that he will always be there. Word is that Great Dane isn't too keen on standing behind their product.