Great Dane Striping Kit?

Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by UGA, May 6, 2003.

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    I am about to begin making my own striping kit for my 52" Surfer which will be made of chains attached to angle iron. Does GDane have any plans of making a striping kit? A lot of guys like rollers and many like chains but I wanted to make a chain system and see if I like it before paying for a prefab roller system. Thanks.
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    At present, Great Dane has no plans to make a striping accessory for the Super Surfer. You may want to check with some local dealers to see if they might have an aftermarket one available.


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    UGA, check out the recent thread by Dwost with pics and details of his homemade striping roller. Cost him well under $50, looks clean and proffessional, works great (just look at his pics!!).

    Let me know if you need the link, but it's still active so you should be able to find it easy.

    Good luck.
  4. UGA

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    $80 total cost and would have been at least half that if I had welding equipment. I am pretty excited about this unit. I had to try it out on an area that was the closest but had to cut it VERY short; this also wasn't the best candidate to use since the yard isn't really up to par and they don't want to fert or overseed, aerate, etc. So please don't give me too much flack over the stripes. They'll look much better when I do my yard hopefully this weekend. We designed the kit so it can be removed fairly easily by removing two bolts and can be hooked up before putting it on the trailer by adding a bracket to use the existing hook which is meant to hold the standing platform up when transporting.

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    Here's another.

  6. UGA

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    Stripe pic,


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