Great Dane Striping

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowingizbestsport, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. mowingizbestsport

    mowingizbestsport LawnSite Member
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    I was just wondering how the Great Dane Super Surfer striped. Will I need to buy a striping kit from Big League Lawns? Thanks
  2. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yes, the Gen II deck stripes quite nicely just like it is.
    One of the best natural stripers I have seen.

    On a side note, NOBODY needs a Big League Lawn kit...

    But most everyone can use a homemaid stripe enhancer.
    The reason is that even an excellent striping deck can sometimes struggle to "erase" mistakes.
    Mistakes happen, and a homemaid kit helps erase things like tire tracks in the wrong spot.

    When you get the Super Surfer let me know and I'll hook you up with a great stripe kit you can build for a few bucks one afternoon. More practical, more durable, and pennies on the dollar in cost.

    Then instead, you can pick up some other accessory you can't build yourself, like a premo side catcher like an Accellerator, or a headlight kit, or some other tool...
  3. fiveoboy01

    fiveoboy01 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Envy, by that statement are you simply advocating building your own striper versus purchasing one of the checkmate units?
  4. mowingizbestsport

    mowingizbestsport LawnSite Member
    Messages: 25

    Thanks! Ill deffinately get back to you Envy
  5. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yes... the checkmate system can't do a thing for $250 that a homemaid kit can't at a fraction of the price... and it will be more durable and less of a hang-up.

    For what it's worth, 'tag-along' systems are not what I'd call ideal for ZTR's much less ZTR's in commercial use. They work as good as other designs when it comes to laying stripes. But it will not take you long to swing it into something, back it into something, get it hung up on something, pinch it between the terrain and mower, or just flat fatigue it to death swinging it across the ground in every turn.

    I should know... I was building 'tag-along' stripe rollers before Big League Lawns was heard of.
    They are OK for non-zero turn equipment, but are still subject to accidental destruction.
  6. chefdrp

    chefdrp LawnSite Bronze Member
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    ENVY-- Can you show a pic of your stripe enhancer?
  7. kjslawn

    kjslawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    yea I would like to see too.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 11,087

    Yeah guys... I think I have pictures and instructions up somewhere for you to look at. I'll just have to find them.

    I've built several styles of rollers and flap kits.

    Frankly I much prefer my flap kits over most roller kits.

    So tell me what you have in mind and what it is going on so I know what to look up.
  9. nhoodjr

    nhoodjr LawnSite Member
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    I am bringing this thread back to life because I am interested in building a stripe kit for my ZTR but am not mechanically inclined so much. It would be great to have some instructions and a material list to help me a long.

    Can you help me Envy?
  10. bj351

    bj351 LawnSite Member
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    Mine belt, and a box cutter is all you need. Cut out notches where the rollers go, make it long enough to go all the way across your deck and use your roller bolts to fasten. Nice and simple but works great.

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