Great Dane Super Surfer- Kohler wiring issue

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    Hello group! Thanks for taking the time to look.

    I have a Great Dane super surfer series II. It has a 18 HP kohler command on it. I have added some pictures to try to help with the issue.

    Mower was functioning just fine and then wouldn't start. Battery was older and seemed to not hold a charge. Put a new battery in and it started up for a few yards. Then wouldn't start again.

    Took a closer look and noticed a torn wire coming from the PTO connection. I noticed that it has a third wire in the PTO connection. All of our other mowers only have 2 wires and are kawasakis.

    If we jump the mower it works and functions like normal but the battery is not getting recharged.

    I have search pretty good and cannot figure out where this red wire goes too. The wire schematic doesn't make a lot of sense to me ( not a electrician haha).

    Does anyone know where this torn red wire is supposed to go too? I am leaning at taking the engine shroud off to have a better look.

    Thanks in advance!



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    E0E291E0-8554-4AEF-9591-DEF99F8FDBF4.png What model number is your mower? I think you have two issues, that may or may not be related. Looking at several Great Dane manuals, there is a red wire that is part of a voltage snubber that goes between the red and brown wire at the PTO connector, that is common to every schematic I looked at. See the sample attached. Look at the schematic that you have and check if there is a red wire that jumpers between the brown and orange wires. That could be the wire you are looking at that is broken. As for the mower not charging, have you checked all of your fuses? Here is the service manual for your engine. Go to the electrical section and test your regulator and stator.
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    Thanks for the info. Yes that's the schematic I was looking at. The mower is a KH1848? It does look in the schematic that it does loop in to the other two wires.

    I am thinking it is related to the charging issue. It doesn't really make sense to me though that it would just jump between. I have checked the fuses and they appear to be OK.

    What is a "voltage snubber"? Are you saying to reconnect it to the brown and orange wires? That seems too simple and what purpose would that serve?
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