Great Dane Surfer losing power


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Olive Branch, MS
2000 Great Dane 52" Surfer, 815 hrs, 18hp Kohler

Yesterday I used my Surfer for the 2nd time this year. Before the 1st time, I removed and sharpened the blades, checked the oil, and tightened the main drive belt. It cut fine.

This time when I got on it I noticed that as I would get the mower off of level from side to side or go up a slight slope it would lose power which at first I thought was like it was starving for fuel. Then, I noticed that as I did a 180 to cut another pass next to where I had just come it did the same thing, the engine RPMs would drop real low and the hydraulics would get real mushy. If I stopped and gave it a few seconds it would rev back up and I could cut again. The problem seemed to get worse the longer I worked. I finally stopped and checked things out again and the oil level was good and plenty of gas, but I noticed the main drive belt was very loose again. I've never had a problem with that belt loosening up on its own before so I was surprised. I tightened it back up and felt that I had finally found the problem. But, I hadn't. As I got back to cutting, it still would lose power as it would go either down a hill or up one. When I disengaged the blades it ran fine.

The only things I could think that it might be would be:
1. Dirt in the carburetor
2. Dirt in the fuel filter
3. Dirty air filter
Does any of those sound possible? What else might it be?

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Olive Branch, MS
Do a compression test. Your local automotive store should rent you a gauge if you don't have one for free.
I was afraid somebody was going to suggest that. I had thought of it last night but forgot to list it.

I did not drain the gas but I put a good amount of SeaFoam in the mostly empty tank. Then I shut off the fuel line and ran the gas out of the carb.

I'll check the fuel filter. I put a new glass inline one on last year.