Great Dane Surfer Series II?????


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Anyone bought one of the new series II surfers,,, Do you like them? Are they now equal to a Wright Stander? Better? Any info would be nice as I am leaning toward one of the stand on mowers....

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North Carolina
I dunno really on the whole subject...

But I will tell you this... The Gen II deck is a vast improvement over the old one.
Most guys, including myself, would inspect the design of this deck and right it off right there as a 'non-cutter' because it's hard to see how it could cut anything.

But it does very well. The only thing I don't like about it is that it collects a lot of buildup underneath and it is a BEAR to clean out.

Do a search for the Rapid Height Stander thread though.
Wright is coming out with a floating deck also I think....

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I bought one this past March & we love it. I would rather stand than ride since most of the land here in this part of Tennessee is very hilly. It handles hills very well. The deck is also very easy to raise and lower. Each side has an adjustment lever. Any other questions please feel free to email me. :waving:

A buddy of mine has two Wright's a couple of years old. Neither one has a deck that adjusts like the G.D.. Maybe Wright will put one on sometime??? My opinion it cuts as well as a Wright. The deck is what swung me to G.D..