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Great Dane Warranty (not)


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I posted a thread on 3/19/04 concerning a warranty problem with Great Dane (concerning an arm rest on a suspension seat). I finally got a response back from DJP (a Great Dane sponsor) on 3/29/04 saying "I have forwarded the information on to the distributor in Winston-Salem. They should be getting in contact with you shortly. I will give them another call just to make sure."
As of today 4/20/04, I have still received no response from Great Dane. I tried sending a personal message to DJP and he has failed to answer my message. I tried Emailing Great Dane customer service from their website and they also refuse to respond. I wish I had known this before I purchased a Great Dane and I would be mowing on an Exmark. I guess the old saying is true "You get what you pay for". My best advice to anyone thinking about purchasing a Great Dane is, if you care anything about a warranty......go with an Exmark or Hustler. Now I know.


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I say....I say ,,, again::::: Where Oh where has the great dane rep gone ???? I have switched all my equipment to X marks the spot :)


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nashville tn
Well indy I may as well go the route you have gone. I have to bash myself in the head for not going with exmark. It kills me that I had the choice for a grand more to go with exmark and get a machine backed by the best customer support ever, and I chose a machine with very little support just to save a buck If I had known about lawnsite and read this forum I would have probably not have made this decision. If you lookat the hustler and exmark forums they all have praise about the machines and the reps respond. I think that great dane has a good machine but what is it without backing it up. great danes website still says 2003 on it and has old info on it what does that tell perspective customers? my dealer is great but it isnot his fault gd is in mars.

James Froh

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Horicon, WI
Sorry about the delay but it is a busy time of the season and sales are going strong!!!

The arm rest is covered under our 2 year warranty (given it was purchased last year) and all you have to do is get with your dealer. They will contact us to get you fixed up.
The distributor for your area can be contacted at choneycutt@carswelldist.com
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Envy Lawn Service

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North Carolina

Take it from me pal, do not blame this on Great Dane. Carswell Distributing is your problem. There customer service is a joke. I could tell you a story about them you wouldn't believe. But it would be mostly curse words.

I thought I had it made buying a machine where the distributor was right in my home state also. Boy how wrong was I. Now I ask my dealers "who" there distributor is before I buy. They handle Great Dane, Bob-Cat or Bunton, Yazoo/Kees and EverRide commercial mowers and Robin hand helds.


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I was at first disappointed in my deck for the 48 chariot jr. It had cracked twice and had it welded the first time. Then last fall, my idler pulley cracked the deck from the constant force being pushed towards the front(from the belt)... i emailed great dane and they wrote back the next day and shipped a brand new deck to my local retailer. I was very impresses with them.. Just be persistent. It saved me several hundred dollars.