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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by paulwade1, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. paulwade1

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    I've had my 2002 GD Chariot Jr for about a yr now and am wondering about a few things.

    1. Is there a mulching kit that can be applied to the equipment?

    2. I know nothing about running double blades...can it be done? Does it work well? Would you recommend it?

    3. Is there a collections system available for it?

    4. Are there any other helpful features or add-ons that can be applied?

    I appreciate any info that is provided. And no, I haven't gone to my dealer yet.

  2. Phishook

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    No mulch kit
    You can run doubles, just take out one of the spacers.
    They said they would have a vac by september, but I havn't seen it.
  3. b & t lawn care

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    Yes go to They will send a free book. Peco makes a vacuum system. We have a chariot jr love it .its just getting parts is the problem . We use it to mulch leaves. Use a Walker to vac up, Dose yours have foot asst lift for deck on your GD jr it would bee nice . Oh my wife reminded me to tell you to make a metal cover for dischager when mulching, and you will have blow out in frount of deck, i use high lift gattors tho ... BRIAN

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