Great Dane ztrs


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Hickory, NC
I have decided to list both our Great Dane Chariots also. The first one is a brutus and second is a Chariot LX.
61" 27 Kohler with 975 hours The motor is locked up. This happened last week. Mower has been used everyday. Needs a motor ($1400 for motor, no labor, at my local dealer)

Chariot LX
61" 27 Kohler with 1865hrs. Machine is strong. Still used. In good condition alot of hrs but has been taken care of. (Have a buddy who bought one at the same time that has over 2600 hrs on original motor.)comes with big league roller


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martinsville, va
You by chance have any spare parts for the Super Surfer?


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I used to have a chariot. loved that mower for its very low stance. very compact. ours had over 2k hours on it