Great finance program for Hustler buyers!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerconsultant, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. mowerconsultant

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    Here is the latest finance option for anyone looking to finance a Hustler mower over the winter months.
    Great time to buy that equipment for year end purposes also.
    Check out this program and others and apply online on our website.
  2. jsaunders

    jsaunders LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I just picked up 2 new 54" swb's. I can't wait for the grass to start growing again. Joel
  3. aussiegreg

    aussiegreg LawnSite Member
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    Is that finance offer valid for Australia ??? Doubt it :realmad: NOt only do we pay ridiculously high prices (Super Z 28efi 60in deck for $20,200aussie dollars that converts to $14,600 US Dollars) But we never get the zero finance and other benifits that you guys get. :angry:
  4. splatz100

    splatz100 LawnSite Senior Member
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    come to the US and buy it.

    man now i want a hustler!

    but exmark has a similar offer no payments or interest till january 2006
  5. diversified-1

    diversified-1 LawnSite Member
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    I just bought a brand new KUBOTA ZD-28 60" cut DIESEL at an incredible buy compared to a gas burner; with ZERO percent for 2 years no strings attached. I was looking for long life, pleanty of power, and fuel economy I found it here. My son will start around mid- March with this hoss and hopefully pay it off and buy another.. :D
  6. zmowing

    zmowing LawnSite Member
    from York,PA
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    If you can't pay for it don't buy it.It will bite you! :blob2: :blob2:
  7. breck75

    breck75 LawnSite Member
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    So with both Exmark and Hustler having the same financing available, which one is better? I am new to this biz and am looking at purchasing a new ZTR this spring or sooner. Thanks in advance Breck. :waving:
  8. ScCo

    ScCo LawnSite Senior Member
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    ...the 48" SWB keeps becoming more and more tempting.. ;)
  9. TurfGuyTX

    TurfGuyTX LawnSite Senior Member
    from DFW
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    Thanks for the info.
  10. mfgolfcourse

    mfgolfcourse LawnSite Member
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    OK, so when you buy a zero turn mower we are all looking for the best deal, right? So, here's the scoop. When looking for a new mower, remember that all zero turn mowers do the same thing, that is they do the job in a short amount of time, they just have a different name on the side and they claim they are better. Now, if price is a hindrance then do your homework! Look for the mowers that have an articulating deck, trust me they are much better than the straight deck because you don't have to work as hard and worry about scalping. As far as what type of fuel to buy, I prefer Gasoline, only because Gasoline is much more affordable than Diesel on a day to day basis, and who knows when Diesel will come down in price.
    Remember, your choice of mower is your business, (literally!) So choose wisely!

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