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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tamadrummer, May 15, 2008.

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    One of our local used car lots sells all kinds of stuff and every now and then they will have out some used 2 cycle gear and it is pretty beat uo most of the time. Well yesterday I was driving by and they had a pallet with some stuff on it and I spotted a hand held hedge trimmer. (All Stihl tools on the pallet)

    Well I stopped and it looked to be in really good shape, so I cranked it up in one pull and it sounded great and the blades are super tight.

    Needless to say I picked up the HS 45 (24" 2 sided) hedge trimmer for $75 tax included. Yes it is the homeowner model but shoot for the money, I could not resist. They look and run brand new.

    I dumped out the gas that was in it when I got home and put my own mix in it and greased up the gear box.

    I am really beginning to love Stihl equipment!!!!
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    Yeah that HS-45 RULES!

    I've had mine for a good 6 years, it is the only hedge trimmer I have ever owned and used (other than a string trimmer attachment for tall bushes). I have done many a job with this 'homeowner' model and it has never let me down, never has it failed to impress me, and still today it runs as good as the day I bought it, oh and I never sharpened the blades, not even once.

    Do yourself a favor, and after every time you use it, spray down the blades with some kind of oil.
    Doesn't matter what kind, wd-40 is fine thou I use recycled (used) motor oil, but keep the blades lightly oiled between uses.
    At least my HS-45 is one of those machines that apparently last forever.

    Hope yours does, too.

    Related stuff: I found a 1985 8hp push blower today, guy wants $200 for it, bit old but low hours, minor rust and a few other signs of age but it looks like it could still run strong... Homeowner bought it for himself, doesn't need it anymore.
    Going to get it tomorrow.
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    I spray it and my extended reach hedge trimmers with fluid film religiously. Before, during and after use they get a good drenching.

    Thanks for the confidence boost on my purchase of the homeowner model. I guess the stigma of commercial vs. non-commercial really scares me but this is Stihl not Homelite or Weedeater brand stuff.

    Great find on the push blower! If I had one of those I would be able to take on some commercial jobs that a friend has for me but the parking lots are just too big! You have to have a walk-behind blower for them!
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    Nice find!

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