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Great Investment

DFW Area Landscaper

LawnSite Silver Member
I finally broke down and paid $600 for a chipper/shredder. I have no idea what brand it is. But man, does it ever open up some huge possibilities. I'm trimming trees all over the place now. Pretty good money in that too. And does it ever make a tremendous impact on the appearance of a landscape.

No more trips to the dump with trimmings.

Great investment. Should have bought this on day one.

DFW Area Landscaper


LawnSite Bronze Member
Martinsville, IN
I have used several sizes and I have come to the conclusion that getting the largest one possible is the best investment. I rented one for a day last year that had a 27hp kohler and it ate some trees the size of my leg, whereas the smaller models failed to continuosly "eat" the recommended branch sizes. (3 inches) Just my observation....hope your pruchase works out for your business!


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have a 6inch 25hp Vermeer that works super for us. For general tree pruning of limbs up to 3 inch it does a great job. It will take a 6 inch but not real fast. And yes it is real handy to have one of these. What used to be a 6 load job is now a 1 load job. Even if we are going to do just one tree, we take it with us.


LawnSite Senior Member
I saw a company remove a tree today. The tree was an oak at least 20-25 feet tall with a crown about the same size. I would guess about 10-12 inch diameter. They used a large crane to pull the whole tree out. Well I happened to be driving by while the guy running the crane is trying to feed the entire tree into the chipper. They had two guys on the ground trying to help feed it in. I could not believe my eyes. I have never seen such a site. I wanted to pull over and watch but I had to much to do.