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Thought I'd try this under lawncare too- since it fits both categories...

I'm working on an estimate, for what could potentially be a great job- but I'm having some problems with pricing. If anyone could take a minute to let me know what they would charge for a job like this- I'd greatly appreciate it. I mainly stick to lawn care- so I don't have too much experience in pricing out a job like this. Here are the specs: (and thanks ahead of time)

6000 sq. feet
Clean up weeds, graded out- get ready for sod
sod costs .25/ sq. foot
approx. 40 yards top soil (at 2" deep) $22/yd
1, 30 yard dumpster (approx $300????)
2 day Bobcat rental (approx $300????)

First off- with 3 guys total- how long do you think this job would take?
Any prices- for any of these items would help me a lot- and if you know all the prices- and want to give me a total quote- even better! I'm on Long Island- if you want to recommend any vendors with great prices. If I get this job- it very well could lead to others by the same owner. And hey- if I can help you with any questions in the future- I'll do my best. Thanks.
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