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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Runner, Nov 20, 2003.

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    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the X485 Garden tractor? I looked at this the other day, and am swayed in that direction. I've shopped for quite some time for a small tractor, and this thind is one nice package for the money. 25 hp, fuel injected - liquid cooled. Hydrostatic, w/power steering. With a 54"mower deck, a 48" in. Hydraulic tiller, and a front loader, this package is 14k - out the door. Now, I know, 25 hp may not be all that much, but for the price,.. it's well worth it. Being fuel injested, it would help. For tilling, moving dirt or rocks, pulling a boxscraper or aerator, and things of this sort, it would do fine. Someone on here said not long ago that they have a bushhog that they use with their 25 hp, but I've been told by SEVeral that for a bushhog, you don't want to go under 33-35 hp, so you have enough out the back. A compact tractor, around 30 hp, is around 16 grand, with NO attachments. Does anyone have one of these X series?
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    I hope this helps with your decision. I have an older JD 318 with a loader and a 50" mower deck. Mine has an 18hp Onan, hydrostatic, and power steering. This tractor amaze's me, especially the loader. I plan on using it for a pull behind aerator next year. I understand the hydraulic tiller does a great job. The x485 is a bigger tractor and more power. With the fuel injection the gas consumption should be alot better then mine. Good luck and hope this helped. Matt
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    ''Someone on here said not long ago that they have a bushhog that they use with their 25 hp, but I've been told by several that for a bushhog, you don't want to go under 33-35 hp, so you have enough out the back.''

    Runner, 25 Hp is plenty for a bushhog. Being its not too big. I had a 14 HP. Diesel 4-wd compact that would pull a 4-footer easily. Just make sure your tractor has enough weight to pull the cutter without bringing the front-end off the ground when you raise the three-point.
  4. lamarbur

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    you have to watch these HP ratings on tractors. Half od them state gross engine HP and the other half state PTO HP. I have a Mahindra 41 hP (engine), it has 33 HP at the PTO and I use a 5 ft Befco hog mower. Most of the time I have a Bradco 11 ft hoe hanging off the backend.
  5. Avery

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    You don't have to worry about that with JD. They give both engine and PTO HP. And they underrate both of those.
  6. newleaflandscape

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    Ya to give you an idea i have a 1070 and it is rated a thirty nine horsepower. But what some people dont realize is that back in the day horsepower ratings were set at half throttle now however these newer tractors are rated by the horsepower when it is wide open. Something to think about. What is nice about having something a little bigger, when you are running anything off the pto, you dont have to run it wide open for it to work conveniently. Make sure you think about john deere a little more. If I could do it again I think I would buy a New Holland. The damn parts are so expensive. I called to see how much the three point hitch would be because we lost ours, just the arms and sway chains were 1900 dollars. Ridiculous. I called New Holland to see what a new three point would be and it was only 600 bucks. I have to say these New Hollands have so many convenience features on them now. My next tractor will deffinitly be one of those, but I have to say my deere has ran real great for me.
  7. olderthandirt

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    New Holland tc-30, 30hp Diesel $13,500 otd 4x4 with a loader

  8. Imow4u2

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    For about the same money you can jump to a 4115 and have some thing.. It you stay with the 400 series I would go with the 495 so you get the diesel and be sure to get the cat. 1 3 point which is an option with this new series... If you are serious about the loader step up to the 595 and get 4wd
  9. prolawnguy

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    I wouldnt buy an X series without 4-wheel drive. I have an X585 and love it. Spend the xtra especially if you are going to pull an aerator on hilly areas. It is worth its weight in gold. If you figure the cost of weights and stuff like that on a 2 wheel setup the cost just about averages out.
  10. 57ringo

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    Does anyone have a rear PTO and a 3 point for sale to fit an X485?

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