Great Leather Gloves for $1.15

I got a heck of a deal. Home Depot was selling these gloves in three packs for $9.97 but when I went back to buy more they were discontinued. They were the best cheap work gloves I had ever seen. I was kicking myself in the azz for not buying more.

I went online to see if I could track down any more and found 71 3-packs in Dothan, GA. They had been clearance priced down to only $3.46 (3 pack). They were sitting in the over head so they had not sold out of the gloves like all the other stores.

The shipping is only about $46 and I have a total of 213 sets of gloves headed my way. Firm Grip has discontinued these great gloves and only apparently sold them only through the Home Depot. With shipping I'm paying $1.40 for 100% grain pigskin leather gloves. The pigskin leather is thin but very durable. Gloves similar to these are at least $8 but are usually thicker leather with less mobility. I'm a happy SOB!

send me a few packs!!
If you type in the full zip code in a search engine it will show you the HD stores that had them. The Florence, GA store has none and I bought out the Dothan store but there may be one more store.


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Man if you could have gotten 152 more pair, you'd have a pair for every day of the year. You'd never wear them out at that rate. LOL
I just called the Decatur, AL store just to be a pig and buy more if they had any but they are sold out.


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great deal! it seems like the best products as far as quality vs. price always disappear. it's like they are good and then stores stop selling them. makes me mad everytime that happens. :laugh: