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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AndrewLawn, Jun 7, 2001.

  1. AndrewLawn

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    Hey all.I got a great account today!just wanted to share this with ya.She called me up and said her mower broke,and that she wanted someone to mow it one time.I remembered the advice you guys had given me earlier,and told her upfront it would cost at least $40(cause it was a one time mow)I usually charge $25 a lawn in my neighborhood,the yards arent too big.She said okay,and told me to come down.When I got there,I knew she would bite if I told her more than $40,so I told her it would cost her $50 with trimming(the grass really wasn't that high,but I figured i could always drop back down to $40)She was okay with the price.Started mowing,took me maybe 35-40 minutes total...weed-eating included,and the lawn looked really good when i was done.Well,when she came out to pay me,she asked if i would mind doing it every week.I said sure,then she inquired about the price,i told her from now on it would be $40 and she was happy with it too!keep in mind that I did this yard in 40 minutes with a crafstman 22" self propelled push mower(please,hold the comments:) anyway,she was happy with the price,I was more than happy with the price,its right down the street,and takes no time at all.Not only that but she said her next door neighbor was looking for a dependable lawnboy too,and said she would refer me!hope her neighbor is as good as her!Well,bottom line is,I'm charging $40 for what normally would be a $20-$25 dollar lawn,and maybe I'll get a second one right next to it.
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    Good job! Its amazing how the information you can learn on here pays off...literally!
  3. ron

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    Hey sounds goo to me.
    If you keep this up you will get that whole neighborhood,,from word of mouth this is the best advertisement...
  4. Greenkeepers

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    Pick up a few more of them and you'll be able to get a w/b and really cut your time.....

    Keep it up
  5. jeffyr

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    Sounds long as you don't need any special equipment like a longer extension cord for your trimmer.

    Just kidding. Congratulations.

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    Great job,
    It took me a couple years before I was comfortable with pricing. Be reliable and you will prosper.

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