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Great new advertising medium


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Dirty Jerzey
Hi to all. I just joined as you can probably tell, but i have been relying on lawnsite to answer many questions i have had in expanding my neighborhood business. I also work part time at a CVS. I had some free business cards made at Vistaprint.com and had the idea of displaying them at work. I asked my manager and he said it was fine. I had a small stack on each counter and the sheer customer volume moving through the counters took care of getting my name out there. I almost have too many jobs lined up now. Just thought i would let you know, if you or a family member works at a high volume chain have them ask a manager if they can display business cards in an unintrusive place. Worked for me, i hope the same for you. (maybe you can even pay a random worker to say that it's his business so that the manager will do him the favor- muuhaha) good luck!:D