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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by White Gardens, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. White Gardens

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    So, I'm starting on a section of a property that will be dealing with installing 200 feet or so of paver side walk.

    On section of the walk and a short retaining wall is near an old brick built septic tank.. :hammerhead:

    It has a brick dome on top, and I'm not exactly sure how deep or wide it is. I'm slowly pulling that out of the HO. He just keeps telling me "it's over there". I'll pinpoint it if I can and post pics. The husband has been at odds with his wife on which sections will be done.

    One section of sidewalk will go over the pipe leading to the septic tank also. And that pipe is an old clay tile sectional pipe. :hammerhead:

    When I go break out the old sidewalk, will a jack-hammer attachment on a dingo (or similar) be enough vibration to crack anything.

    Also, when I go to compact the base for walkway, and short wall, will a plate compactor be large enough to cause any issues with breaking the pipe.


    Nick W.
  2. greatinmulchbeds

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    they want a paver walk over to there septic tank? why in the world would someone want that
  3. White Gardens

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    not over, in the vicinity.
  4. gammon landscaping

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    i would dig up the old line and replace it with pvc, the old pipe tends to get roots in it and will probabbly have to go some time so why you are out there making a mess why not just fix it so there you can sleep at night......really what does a little digging and a few feet of pipe gonna add to this project
  5. White Gardens

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    True, but the HO didn't want to deal with it unless he didn't have to. I kinda agree as the septic tank is actually an old cistern that was capped and turned into a septic tank.

    So it wouldn't be a matter of replacing just the line, I'm sure there would be many more issues and a new septic tank and leach field would need to be installed.

    That's the beauty of a paver sidewalk. Sure, you would have to re-do the base, but I can pull sections of it up if they ever decide to do something different. Or, The septic line could in theory be re-routed to the other side of the property if a new tank and field needs to be installed.

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