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    Guess I should chime in...

    Brand new to the biz. I am currently in career change mode (20 years retail management) and I have chosen to try lawn and garden because I love the work. I have lamented for years that my current job leaves me no time for myself (on call 24/7) or my yard. Lawn/garden/landscape has been a favorite hobby for awhile, so I've decided to try a career doing something I love to do anyways.
    I already have the basics of business to apply to this venture as well as an incorporated business and some $$ to invest.
    You'll see me here asking lots of Q's in the near future as I hope to fully launch next spring.

    I believe in the industry supporting each other(plenty of work out there) and don't believe in undercutting others to get the job as this will not help the industry at all. We'll all end up making less.

    I'm on the west coast of B.C.:canadaflag: and look forward to discussion with you all, particularily fellow west coast folks.

    For now, may all your lawns be green and growing!:waving:

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