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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MOWSTAUG, Aug 21, 2008.


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    I just got my permit and i'm ready to go. I pick up my new 7'X16' covered v-trailer tomorrow and i've already purchased an equipment package from a local dealer that i've known and worked with for years. Heres the equipment list

    GMC 2500 6.0 4:11 2 wheel drive
    TORO ztr 48"
    Stihl FS 80 string trimmer
    Stihl FC100 Edger
    Stihl BR420 Blower
    Stihl MS290 chain saw

    I already have plenty of hand tools hedge trimmers etc...
    I have another great job and want to start slow.
    With the recent storms in my area i'm already getting clean up calls from people in town who know i'm starting up. This site has been a big help starting my new business. I'm like allot of you guys I've always wanted to own my own business and leave the cooperate world. I'm close.
  2. skennedy04

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    Good luck.......and by the way you live in a cool town.
  3. blake g

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    i live in kennesaw ga now but iam to palm coast in january. good luck and please let me know what buisness is like down there. iam gonna start all over when i get there.
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    Dang dude normally I would tell people don't do it. the economy is bad, every illegal and his bro is driving around with mowers along with all the displaced workers and even a lot of elderly doing this as well as part timers. However in your case at least to start there should be a ton of yard clean ups to do. I would start getting flyers out as fast as I could maybe in that market a ad in the paper although a lot of people use newspaper ads and you will get a lot of tire kickers. Your idea of starting slow is great keep your job until you have enough income to quit and pay the bills and dont invest in new equip unless you have enough work to pay for it. Anyways I would strike while the iron is hot and line up as much work as fast as possible.

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