Great to finally be here! 2014 is my year!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by FineEdgeLawnsMD, Feb 25, 2014.

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    It's great to be apart of this site finally, I definitely put off getting a page way too long. I am new so go easy on me. 2014 is my first official year in business and I cant wait to see what the future has in store in this fruitful industry. I decided it's time to move to the big leagues since ill be graduated from college this spring and only 21 to boot. (associates degree, just for my parents sake) From my high school days and from building great relationships I've managed over 20 residential, weekly lawn care accounts and most bring landscape work too. (basic trim and mulch jobs)

    As of now I'm eager as ever to get the ball rolling, but the one thing I'd love is ADVICE! I've done good as a young kid so far but now it's different. The real world, real business owner, I need to double my workload, I'm at least hoping. All I can really ask is how to be and STAY successful in the business. Anything from bidding on simple mulching or landscape jobs to bidding on lawn maintenance jobs, it would be much appreciated.

    Its just me, myself and I this year unless things blow up, so overhead is LOW. No truck payment, no equipment payment, no storage payment. I know most of you guys were here before so help a fellow brother out! Cant wait to check the site out more. Thanks guys! :waving:
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    Congrats, good luck. You're already doing great, my best advice is learn everything you can. Read, research, and work on your craft. Also, work on becoming the best salesman and businessman you can. Don't take on jobs that you don't need, just to double your work load. Screen your customers. You already have a nice group, but don't pick up the jerk off neighbors house just cuz he's the neighbor and it makes good fiscal sense to pick up his house. If he sucks and he's going to be a pita, don't take him. Stay smart, and you'll do great.
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    Thanks Pennings! I'm both excited and pulling my hair out at the same time thinking about everything but I've got a great service and a great group of customers I can count on. I'm gonna do a good bit of advertising and continue to get my business name out there. Best of luck to you this year.

    Kyle Hergesheimer
    Fine Edge Quality Lawn Care & Landscaping, LLC
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    Welcome from another Marylander! I'm more towards the DC area.

    Good luck this year!!
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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.

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